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Click here to download Police Report Writer Version 7 (Database Mode) now for Windows 7

Click here to download Police Report Writer Version 7 (Database Mode) now for Windows 10  

Our Police Report Writers are in daily use by state, county and local law enforcement agencies as well as several federal law enforcement divisions. The system is capable of producing all face sheets, supplements, and continuation sheets necessary for a complete criminal investigation. The formats of the reports are based on the results of a task force of state and local law enforcement agencies charged with developing standardized police reports for all agencies involved.

The Police Report Writers allows law enforcement officers to fill out incident reports on a computer. This program has all of the most advanced features you need while remaining extremely easy to use. 


  • Eliminates hard to read handwritten reports.
  • Allows immediate editing, unlike a typewriter.
  • Allows saving a report to be finished or reviewed later.
  • Designed for law enforcement, unlike a generic word processor.


  1. Unlimited report size!
  2. Automatically handles multiple:
    • Witnesses
    • Victims
    • Officers
    • Evidence items
    • Vehicles
    • Properties
    • Suspects
    • Etc...
  3. Produces:
    • Face Sheets
    • Supplemental Reports
    • Continuation Sheets
    • Attachments
  4. Powerful macro language allows pre-defined report parts and auto-fills from fields!
  5. Spell check the entire report or just check the narrative!


Our newest version incorporates live spell checking, a built in thesaurus and customizable fields, and the ability to store your reports in a searchable database.

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